Stamatakos Olive Grove company is a family business which deals entirely from production to disposal of produced products. Is a vertically integrated organic unit that individual includes:

Stamatakos Olive Grove is a familly business which deals entirly with the production and the disposal of our produced products.




· organic cultivation of our 3000 olive trees

· production and standardization of organic olive oil cold pressed in our individual olive oil mill and bottling

· cultivation of organic olives variety Kalamon, collecting, sorting, storage and their standardization

· organic cultivation of vines (local varieties) and the production of organic wine

· the production of organic soap cold saponification exclusively from our own organic olive oil

· olive paste production from black olives variety Kalamon (homemade)

· the growing of organic St. John’s Wort (hypericum) and the production of St. John’s Wort oil with the use of our organic cold pressed olive oil

· finally the cultivation of citrus trees and their disposal




Our personal involvement from the production to disposal guarantees the absolute quality of the final product that will arrive to you.

Our professional mill is a full production line. Lacks splitter, the olive oil is separated from the decanter . So the temperature remains low throughout production. As a result it maintains the excellent quality of our olive oil and the process is called cold press. In this way the produced olive oil is rich in perfumes, keeps the phenols and its organoleptic characteristics unaltered.


In the same area there are machines for the standardization of the olive oil and the table olives. We store the olive oil into stainless steel tanks where nitrogen gas is used for filling them in order not to be oxidized from the oxygen. There are also special barrels for the edible olives and also place to store our standard products as well.

Our farm

The Stamatakos olive grove is located at the southeastern edge of the Peloponnese, Molai of Laconia. This area is famous through the world for the best quality olive oil that produces. Our place is ideal for olive and citrus crops due to the very good yield of our lands and the appropriate dry-warm climate of our region. In our olive grove there are 3000 olive trees variety Koroneiki, citrus trees and vines, . Since 2000 we have started the organic way of cultivation in our estates. All of our crops are organic and the main goal is to ensure the quality of our products. In natural and unique ways we are trying to enrich our soils so that the fruits of our trees have as good a quality as possible but also a nutrient content.